Main conversation class

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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Main conversation class

people who want to learn from the basic to the advanced conversation, to learn conversation, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar at a time.


Teaching process

Level & Curriculum

Textbook TOPIK
Textbooks contents writing &
bookInfo Level 1 1A Chapter 1~15 Learning Hangul characters, use the verbs, nouns and make sentences, then speak, speaking numbers, date, phone numbers, the past tense bookInfo
1B Chapter 16~30 Speaking the negative forms, connecting the two long parallel sentences as one sentence, parallel connection, cause, intention, future will expressions
bookInfo Level 2 2A Chapter 1~15 Speaking the negative forms, connecting the two long parallel sentences as one sentence, parallel connection, cause, intention, future will expressions, speaking modifier forms, speaking sentences to ensure comparisons, speaking exclamatory sentences, experiences, suggestions, and the time, ㅂ&ㅎ irregular form bookInfo
2B Chapter 16~30 Ask a favor expression, do a favor expression, to ask the permission, a representation of obligations, to express their wishes
bookInfo Level 3 3A Chapter 1~15 Indirect speech speaking, ㅅ irregular forms, ask directions, explain painful symptoms, express various weather conditions
3B Chapter 16~30 Passive voice forms and active voice forms, impolite expressions, recall the past and talk back and forth, speaking the contradictory expression, represent connected action
bookInfo Level 4 4A Chapter 1~15 Speaking designation of Korea, the overall speaking on social issues, proverbs, idiomatic expressions bookInfo
4B Chapter 16~30 The four ceremonial occasions of coming of age, wedding, funeral, and ancestral rites of Korea, K-pop, Korean wave around the world, onomatopoeia, mimetic words, history of Korea, learn anniversaries
bookInfo Level 5 5A Chapter 1~14 Express a person's character, know about joining tradition and modernity, expressions for the economy, discussion about the job / idioms and high-level body, express the disease symptoms, pronunciation rules between the inter ㅅ sounds
5B Chapter 15~28 Expression for the housework, public culture and advertisement, the way of thinking of people, know the characters of the traditional story in Koreasuffix, idiomatic expression
bookInfo Level 6 6A Chapter 1~14 Customs of Korea, the current trend words, respects words of Korean, hake style(하게 체), and various conjunctions, prefixes
6B Chapter 15~28 Studying Korea cultural heritage, expressions for the odors, sounds and shapes, geography of Korea, various adverb usage, high-level emotional expression
- 7 newspapers, book,
novels, SNS
Based on the grammar and vocabulary, you can study and debate the news, discussion, film, drama, and writing professional papers, Korea novels, songs, professional writing, and learn how to discuss about all sides of themes Topics